about doozy

our journey - risk, creativity, freedom

doozy was founded on the principle that skateboarders deserve more than performance gear - they deserve a means of authentic self-expression. Drawing inspiration from the core values that skateboarders hold dear - expression, freedom, risk, and creativity - doozy was created.

our artist

Donna Alfano, art director and co-founder of doozy, carries the torch of innovation. She stands as the sentinel of our vision, a symbol of our unyielding passion for nostalgic and expressive design. She infuses her profound love for the sport and its culture into every fiber of doozy's existence. doozy is made up of passionate people who resonate with doozy's goal of empowering skaters and celebrating risk, creativity, and freedom.

our identity

'doozy' symbolizes the contrasting facets of skateboarding - the thrill of standing out and the inevitable falls that come with it. This duality mirrors the perception of skateboarders in mainstream media, which often overlooks the depth of passion, commitment, and creativity in the skateboarding community.


our inspiration

doozy's muse is the evocative era of the 'Golden Age' of skateboarding. A time when the audacious Z-Boys revolutionized the sport by carving out their expressions in emptied out swimming pools. These roots are our connection to the past and our guiding star into the future.

our promise

As we navigate an increasingly corporate world, we strive to ensure that the essence of skateboarding and its aversion to commercialism is not lost. Our commitment is to the authenticity and individuality inherent to the sport, epitomized in our devotion to the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) culture.

the experience

Every Doozy deck and apparel piece encapsulates our philosophy and our commitment to serving the skateboarding community. They are not just products, but the manifestation of our core values and a testament to our respect for the art of skateboarding.

join us

If you resonate with the spirit of risk-taking, creativity, and freedom, then Doozy is for you. Join us in this journey, take your place within our tribe, and let's together redefine the contours of the skateboarding landscape. Your ride, your style, your identity - doozy is an embodiment of this artistic freedom. 

skate freely.