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Doozy Skate

skateboard bearings

skateboard bearings

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Bring a new level of fluidity to your ride with precision bearings, made with resilient bearing steel. This pack of superior-quality bearings, customized to your specifications, is designed to deliver an unparalleled skateboarding experience.

Packed with flexibility, these bearings, Model Number: 608/623zz/624zz/625zz/635zz/626 and 110017, originally utilized in 3D printers, bring the perfect blend of durability and precision to the skateboarding realm. Crafted from bearing steel, these high-performance bearings ensure a quiet, smooth glide, as well as extended life for your board.

Ideal for all skateboard types and styles, these bearings offer an upgrade that will have you rolling smoother and longer, capturing the true spirit of doozy's relentless commitment to quality and freedom in skateboarding.

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