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Doozy Skate

colorful double rocker skateboard wheels

colorful double rocker skateboard wheels

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Breathe new life into your board with the STRIKATE Double Rocker Skateboard Wheels. These customized skateboard parts, designed to enhance your skateboarding experience, bring together innovation, performance, and style. Complete with bearings.

STRIKATE wheels, sized at a well-balanced 52X32, offer the perfect blend of speed and control. Made from high-quality PU material, these wheels ensure durability and grip, enabling you to conquer various terrains while maintaining a smooth, fast ride.

The Double Rocker profile provides a versatile riding experience, ideal for skaters who love to mix things up. Whether you're carving through the streets, hitting the ramps, or grinding the rails, these wheels offer superior responsiveness and stability.

Although these wheels are branded under the name 'STRIKATE,' they align seamlessly with doozy's values of freedom, creativity, and expression in skateboarding. Intended for male skaters, these wheels reflect the spirit of resilience and passion for skateboarding that is an integral part of doozy's ethos.

Experience the difference of a truly customized ride with STRIKATE Double Rocker Skateboard Wheels. It's more than an upgrade; it's an elevation in your skateboarding journey. Upgrade your ride today, and hit the streets with newfound energy and style.

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