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Carver CX4 surf skateboard truck

Carver CX4 surf skateboard truck

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Get ready to carve the streets with the doozy Carver CX4 Surf Skateboard Truck! We're ecstatic to bring you this stellar piece of engineering that brings the feel of surfing to your city streets. Specially designed for those skaters who don't see boundaries, but only endless possibilities.

Featuring a size of 6.25 inches, this truck is perfect for supporting a smooth and responsive ride, giving you the freedom to maneuver tight corners and ride long, sweeping carves. The top-grade Aluminium alloy construction ensures durability, making your rides even more reliable.

It comes with a US plug type and is customized to fit your board and riding style like a glove. Straight from the heart of skateboard production, Mainland China, the quality of this truck is guaranteed. The double rocker board category indicates its perfect balance, helping to create a riding experience that feels like carving a wave.

And don't be fooled by the specification 'Applicable People: WOMEN'. Here at doozy, we believe skateboarding has no gender. So, whether you're a woman, man, or prefer not to say, as long as you're ready to embrace the freedom of the ride, this truck is for you.

Get ready to bring the spirit of the ocean to the streets. We invite you to take a risk, ride the wave, and join the doozy family with the Carver CX4 Surf Skateboard Truck.

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