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Doozy Skate

creativity - doozy skate deck

creativity - doozy skate deck

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Risk-taking, creativity, freedom. These elements make up doozy skate. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and boundless imagination with the doozy "Creativity" Skateboard Deck. This is not just a skateboard deck; it's an artist's canvas on wheels, designed to inspire, captivate, and set you apart.

The "Creativity" deck boasts a bright orange base, splashed with strokes of green and light red, capturing the free-spirited essence of skate culture. Each design element—the shooting star, rainbow, flower, VHS, snake, and empty pool—is a tribute to the limitless creativity within every skateboarder. Crafted in our signature stick-and-poke tattoo style, these symbols narrate a story of unbound imagination and the joy of self-expression.

Just like its design, the specifications of the "Creativity" deck don't compromise on style or performance. Crafted from 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple, the deck assures strength and resilience, promising a durable companion in your skateboarding journey. The 8 x 32-inch size and medium concave design ensure precise control and better flip tricks, offering an elevated riding experience every time you step on it. It's a beautiful piece on the wall, showing who you are as a skater.

At doozy, we believe that skateboarding is a creative outlet—a journey filled with daring, resilience, and self-expression. With our "Creativity" deck, we aim to instill the confidence you need to let your imagination soar and leave your unique mark on every pavement, ramp, and park. 

Riding the "Creativity" deck means more than just skateboarding—you're a dreamer, an artist, and a cherished member of our doozy community. Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

Ride the wave of imagination. Express your unique style. Join the doozy life. 


7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck.
- Shape: 8 Inch Skateboard Deck
- Size: 8 x 32 Inches
- Concave: medium

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