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pro skateboard griptape

pro skateboard griptape

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Let your board shout your style loud and clear with pro skateboard griptape Measuring approximately 33.07 x 9.06 inches, this griptape is a perfect fit for any skateboard deck, ensuring a smooth ride and maximum grip for those gnarly tricks.

Our griptape is a blend of resilience and style, crafted from durable PVC material to withstand all the grinds, flips, and scrapes you put it through. Choose from an array of vibrant colors – black, red, yellow, blue, green – to make your board a true reflection of you.

Designed for the groms and the veteran skaters alike, this griptape is just what you need to give your board a refresh or to make a new deck feel like home. Ideal for both skateboard and scooter enthusiasts, it adds a layer of safety, keeping your feet planted firmly where they should be – on your board.

The package includes one sheet of grip tape. This griptape combines practicality and decorative appeal, all to offer you an unbridled and colorful skateboarding experience.

Inject a new life into your deck! The city is your playground, and we're here to help you rule it.

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