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Doozy Skate

risk - doozy skate deck

risk - doozy skate deck

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Risk-taking, creativity, and freedom. This is what doozy is about. Embody the spirit of risk with this handcrafted doozy deck.

The "Risk" deck proudly showcases an audacious purple and gold color scheme, embodying the perfect blend of daring attitude and polished style. Its cheeky, stick-and-poke style tattoo designs depict a playful mix of dice, broken bones, and a tombstone, each symbol narrating a unique story of resilience and adventure.

Expertly crafted, the "Risk" deck boasts a balance of durability and lightness, ensuring optimum performance without compromising on style.

At doozy, every detail matters. The vibrant colors of the deck are designed to remain fresh and captivating even after countless rides, echoing our commitment to quality and long-lasting performance.

The "Risk" deck isn't just a tool—it's an ally, inviting you to take a leap of faith, to experiment, and to relish every fall and triumph along your skateboarding journey. It's a call to embrace the uncertainties and revel in the thrilling unpredictability of life, just as we do on the skate park.

With the "Risk" deck under your feet, you're not just a skateboarder—you're a bold storyteller, an energetic adventurer, and a key part of the doozy community. Are you ready to ride with us?

Celebrate the art of taking chances. Dare to push your limits. Carve your own path.


7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck.
- Shape: 8 Inch Skateboard Deck
- Size: 8 x 32 Inches
- Concave: medium

Looking to make this board complete? Check out our trucks, wheels, and griptape.

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